10 Ways Improve Your Baby's Sleep Without Sleep Training

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Hey! Claire here - Holistic Sleep Coach! I want to give you some quick wins that you can start implementing TODAY. 

I don't give guarantees of certain amount of hours slept (etc etc) in my approach because, well, we're dealing with human babies and they're all different!

But - I feel very confident saying that if you implement these 10 things (for yourself as well, where applicable!) that you'll see an improvement in sleep. 

Are these the be all end all? No, of course not! But they ARE a great place to start! 

1. Establish a Regular Wake-Up Time

Wake your baby at the same time each day. This doesn’t need to be exactly to the minute, but within 30 minutes may be beneficial. Consistency is key in establishing a healthy sleep pattern.

2. Consistent Meal Times

Consider aiming for consistent meal times. If your baby is on established solids, consistent meal times can support the circadian rhythm. This can help your child understand the correlation between eating and energy levels.

3. Exposure to Daylight

Give your little one lots of exposure to broad spectrum daylight. Light is one of the big things that impacts the circadian rhythm. This can help reset their internal body clock and improve their sleep.

4. Encourage Free Movement and Play

Lots of floor time and opportunity for free movements and play. Not only does this use up all of your kiddo’s energy, but gives space to practice any new skills! Physical activity during the day can help your child sleep better at night.

5. Meet Your Baby’s Sensory Needs

Meet your baby’s sensory needs in the day and before bedtime. We want their body to actually FEEL calm at bedtime. This could be through a warm bath, a gentle massage, or soft music.

6. Develop a Bedtime Routine

Introduce a predictable wind down routine/pre-bedtime ritual, this will become a strong cue to your little one that bedtime is coming but research shows children with bedtime routines fall asleep easier sleep longer and wake less overnight.

7. Dim the Lights

Consider removing white/blue based light and dimming the home as much as practically possible around an hour before bedtime. This helps to signal to your baby that it's time to start winding down.

8. Introduce a Variety of Sleep Associations

Introduce a variety of sleep associations so both you and your baby have lots of tools to draw from when it comes to sleep. This could be a special blanket, a favourite lullaby, or a particular bedtime story.

9. Check Your Sleep Environment

Check your sleep environment and rule out any environmental factors! Consider using 100% cotton layers and check the room temperature at cot level to make sure it doesn't need adjusting. A cool, quiet, and dark room is ideal for sleep.

10. Increase Connection

Increase connection as much as possible, especially before bedtime - bedtime is a big time of separation so this can help to bridge the gap! This could be through cuddling, reading a story together, or simply spending quiet time together.

Alright - this blog is just the tip of the ice berg for these tips! BUT, I've created a FREE guide for you that goes into a lot more detail! Click this link HERE and sign up for your free guide: Sleep Without Sleep Training 

Hope this helps! 

 Claire xo 


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