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Your safe space for navigating sleep, imperfect parenting and everything in between!


This membership is for you if

ūüĆľ¬†You've been¬†longing for a 1:1 or to just be able to pick my brain¬†but its just not in the budget

ūüĆľ¬† You've been feeling¬†stressed and overwhelmed about your baby's sleep¬†and parenting in general, you're¬†sick of google and all the conflicting advice

ūüĆľ¬† You want a¬†safe, real and raw place to equip and empower you to trust your intuition¬†and follow your instincts¬†as you let go of the¬† overthinking, debunk the perfect mother myth that you've been holding onto and start to find your grove and rhythm with sleep, understanding your child in a whole new way and boy oh boy, isn't it refreshing!

ūüĆľ¬† You've been looking for your people! The ones right there with you in the messy middle of imperfect (yet completely perfect) parenting¬†and those¬†craving better¬†sleep¬†but aren't willing to compromise responsiveness or their parenting to get there.

Through this membership, you will not only find your confidence when it comes to sleep, but you will find your confidence as a mum. No one thing is right for every family, but we are here to help you feel confident in what's right for you and yours, so you never need to second guess again!

This membership is filled with encouragement, solidarity, and real, tangible advice from Claire & industry experts on a platform jam packed with ideas, suggestions, troubleshooting and strategies for all the sleep and motherhood hiccups that come your way, week in and out!

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So, what do you actually get?

ūüĆľ Membership platform

On an easy to use app, or desktop friendly this is the place for you to connect with each other, ask all of your questions and binge all of our guides, materclasses, webinars and recourses! 

ūüĆľ Daily Support

Because babies are babies and they just love to keep us on our toes! We are there on our forum, twice a day (morning and evening, mon-fri!) to guide you and answer any questions you have. The best part, there is literally no limit, ask 1 a month or 15 a day - I'm here for it!

ūüĆľ¬†Weekly lives & office hours

Every single week we gather for a live Q&A and general hang! This is the place for you to come and unpack while we work through things together! If you can't make it, that's okay! You can leave all of your questions in advance and all of the sessions are saved onto the memership platform for you to go back to whenever you are ready!

ūüĆľ Monthly Masterclasses

And boyyyyy they are good! Sometimes these are by me, and other times they are from experts in the field! First up, we have Elise Disher to talk you through everything you need to know about the transition to daycare

ūüĆľ Resource Library

You have a huge range of guides covering everything from temperament & shifting sleep associations to sensory preferences and routines and rhythms!

ūüĆľ¬†Access to webinars

Not just that, but you get access to our most popular webinars including moving from bedsharing, night weaning and early rising. These alone are $49 EACH, worth it JUST for these nuggets!

And so much more, like exclusive discounts to troubleshooting consults JUST for members!


 But don’t take my word for it, read about what the current subscribers love most about the subscription:

"My son has had major difficulties with sleep right from day one, and your help and advice has been absolutely life changing for us. You have helped us work through split nights, nap transitions, sleep needs and regular night wakes. Learning about temperament and sleep has been the most perspective changing thing of all. Knowing that my child is highly sensitive has changed not only the way I respond to sleep and settling, but also the way I parent.

I couldn't have done any of this without your knowledge, support and genuine gentle parenting approach. I am a better mother with what I have learned from you and I am forever grateful.'

Claire and her team have been an absolute blessing to our family! We tackled some of our sleep goals and managed to achieve majority of them in the 2 weeks we had daily support! Through their continued support in the ‚ÄúIn your pocket‚ÄĚ resource, we have managed to completely transform nightly wakes from 6-8 to 2-3 (which works for our family) and all naps in the cot during the day ūüĎŹūüŹľ The biggest thing was Education, I now feel confident to tackle any further issues that may arise and I understand sleep so much more, particularly little peoples. Highly recommend and will definitely call on the support again if we need it!


The value in this membership is just incredible, ive been part of the community for 18 months now and its been the absolute best investment I have made in my parenting journey - being able to connect with like minded families and have ONE spot for information and help has been incredible! Not just that but the truly gentle and responsive nature of Claire and the team was exactly what I needed!


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