Get Your Sleep Sorted, Gently

Do you want to understand your UNIQUE baby, their temperament, sensory preferences and individual sleep needs? 
Are you wanting to understand the ins and outs of sleep and how you can best support your toddler to get the sleep they need?
Do you want to feel confident, equipped and empowered to trust your GUT and not 'the book' when it comes to your toddler's sleep?
This won't be like ANY other sleep course on the market, we are TRULY going to unpack sleep from a holistic 'whole child' perspective! Not just that, but this course is going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to support your little one's sleep, and im going to hold your hand through the whole process!
You don't need to second guess anything when it comes to sleep any more as we discover how to GENTLY support our little ones towards better sleep! 
The program is on pause at the moment while I tie up some projects before welcoming baby #3 but will be back in September! Join the waitlist below!