In Your Pocket Subscription

The subscription where you get DM access to Claire & the team to sort your sleep problems! 

Would you love DM access to ask sleep questions as they pop up?

Want to be able to access weekly Q&A sessions live? Where your question will get answered!

Want access to a library of resources and webinars?

Want to feel confident and empowered to navigate sleep in a way that suits you and your family?

Then, this subscription is for you!


Do any of these points sound familiar?

😅 You are constantly googling everything about baby sleep? 

😅 You follow @thegentlesleepcoach and love all the content, but would love more?

😅 You feel stressed and overwhelmed about your baby's sleep?

While the subscription won't replace the need for a consult, it does mean that you have the ability to ask the questions that you are desperate to know the answers to and can get a response with ideas and strategies to try.

This subscription will leave you with an inbox full of DMs from our team, sharing ideas and strategies with you week in and out, as you need it!

I bet you are wondering, what makes this subscription different?

Will I even use it?

Will it be tailored enough to my baby? 


This subscription is DIFFERENT!

You are speaking to us, and only us in the DMs and in the Q&A lives.

It means that the advice you are  giving is specific to you and your little one. No one else.


But don’t take my word for it, read about what the current subscribers love most about the subscription:

"That I can ask anything and Calire helps, guides and supports"


"EVERYTHING! The deep dives, eBook content and especially the weekly Q&A"


"All of the in-depth, detailed info you kindly give, appreciate it so much 💙"



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Recurring Payment

For administrative purposes, cancellation will result in immediate removal from the instagram page. Please keep this in mind if you cancel during your billing cycle