$49.00 AUD

Contact to cot Minicourse

This minicourse is designed to equip and empower you with everything you need to shift from contact napping and bedsharing in a truly gentle & responsive way! 

Whats included?!

  • 1 hour Contact - Cot Webinar
  • Regular night wakes webinar 
  • Contact - cot guide
  • Regular night wakes guide
  • Introducing & changing sleep associations guide
  • Managing tears & supporting emotions guide

What's in the main webinar?

  • Important considerations before you start - timing, what if they wake more, who will settle, where will they sleep etc
  • Cot or floorbed - which is right for my family?
  • Make your game plan - 5 steps to *actually* make the shift
  • Shifting & introducing sleep associations
  • What do I do if they wake more or I can't settle them?
  • My baby is so upset - what do I do now?
  • What if my baby will only sleep on top of me? 
  • What if my baby will only sleep latched? 
  • How to be consistent, but not to a fault
  • Troubleshooting the shift - covering the most common questions like what to do if your baby hates transferring, do you need to night wean, will your baby sleep & so much more!

And so much more!

No expiry, this is yours to access for life because its a marathon, not a sprint!