$39.00 AUD

Early Rising Masterclass

A 1-1.5 hour masterclass designed to unpack all of the reasons why early rising happens, and the exact steps you need to take to address each one

  • Understanding early wakes and why this time of morning is so dang hard
  • How to determine your child's sleep needs and how this might be impacting early wakes 
  • Nailing the foundations to ensure early wakes aren't environmental
  • Solids and how the kinds of foods and timing might be impacting early wakes
  • The circadian rhythm, how it impacts early wakes and what we can do to support shifting body clock rhythms
  • Nap timing and its role to play with early wakes plus how to manage the day when early wakes happen to ensure you don't continue the cycle
  • How to determine if your baby is overtired and change this to stop early rise
  • Response and habitual wake ups - what they are and how to stop them.
  • Early bird? How genetics can impact early rising and what you can do if you do have a lark on your hands!

Plus complete early rising guide (valued at $24)!