4 Month Sleep Progression Guide

Are you ready to ditch the stress of the infamous 4 month sleep progression and navigate this tricky period with confidence? 

In this robust guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about this progression. Not only will you feel more confident, you'll also have PRACTICAL solutions for getting more sleep for the whole family!

So what's in the 100 page guide?! 

  • Getting to know your baby's temperament and ruling out 'red flags'
  • Sleep science and what is *actually* changing during this PROgression
  • Understanding sleep need, sleep totals and awake times 
  • Troubleshooting everything that is tricky - short naps, long naps, frequent wakes and more!
  • Making changes to things that aren't working when it comes to settling and resettling
  • Supporting your baby through big transitions like unswaddling, rolling and more! 
  • Transitioning from the bassinet and setting up a safe sleep space whether its cot or bedsharing
  • Debunking sleep myths like 'drowsy but awake' and 'self soothing' and what you can do instead 
  • Supporting your baby's tears and self-regulation strategies 
  • How to look after YOU while you are supporting your baby

... and so much more! 

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